Chic Backpacks for College Guys and Gals

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If you've spent time commuting with a laptop, you know it's a serious drag to carry a heavy computer in a shoulder bag. Over the past several months, I've noticed affordable laptop backpacks popping up everywhere, and I have to admit that the idea of carrying a backpack again intrigued me. If you're anything like me, chances are the last time you carried a backpack was in high school or college. But after spending almost two years commuting in New York City with a heavy shoulder bag, I'm feeling the effects in my tight shoulders and perpetually sore neck. After my pilates teacher chastised me (once again) for hauling a heavy bag on one shoulder, I had to find a new solution.

That's why I started researching backpacks that were chic enough to carry to work but still functional, and Bartaile's cute options immediately caught my eye. The company was created by two University of Pennsylvania MBA candidates who were looking for beautiful but functional bags to carry their laptops to school and work. They created Bartaile, which sells convertible laptop bags that can be carried as backpacks, on your shoulder or cross-body. I mean, these bags don't look like the typical backpack...

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